Flash Photo Uploader Help

Close Help Help How to use the photo uploader:
  1. Click the yellow button to find and upload the photos to want us to print for you.
  2. Check the photos you uploaded are definitely the ones you wanted (use the red crosses to remove photos you don't want).
  3. Choose how you want your photos to be printed and how many copies of each print you want. Check the price and if you are happy press "add prints to basket".

If you are having trouble using this photo uploading system or if your browser doesn't support flash uploads, please use our basic photo uploader.

The easy photo uploader requires flash to function correctly.
If your browser doesn't support flash then please use the basic uploader.
Choose Your Photos
Cancel Upload List:
2: Photos to be Printed
3: Options
We've highlighted some images you uploaded because they are quite low resolution for the product size that you've selected. If you submit this order we'll do our best when we print them, but we recommend that you upload higher resolution images or select a smaller print size for good results.

Advanced Options

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Trim off blank margins (if present)?

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