Graham McPherson

It was after living for a short time on the Isle of Skye in Scotland that I was inspired to paint some of the photographs I took of the local landscape and so my art career began in 2007.

At present I am staying in the Burnham on Sea area in Somerset and painting mainly coastal landscapes. I also make Driftwood Frames from wood that washes up locally on the shore. I have always loved the Coast with its freshness and vitality. The sound of the waves as they gently lap on the shore or crash and thunder as they relentlessly pound the Land create moods ranging from tranquil peace to sheer exhilaration. The atmosphere produced when Sea meets Land and night and day exchange is sometimes wonderful. I seek to capture something of its essence but can never do the real thing justice. The driftwood frames carry a mystery and history about them as they have been sculpted by the ocean for who knows how long? And from where? I hope you find the work inspiring.

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